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Terms of Service

Date: 17/03/2016

TERMS OF USE l spottask.com

All users, whether buyer or seller or otherwise are abiding by the terms of use of spottask.com (including revisions). Make sure to read all the given terms carefully, and avoid non-compliance. Non compliance with the terms of use will result into temporary or permanent ban of the respective user account with or without notice, non compliance will also result into the legal consequences, if any.


  1. General terms
    spottask.com offers a marketplace platform for every individual or business owners to grow their business by offering their products/services for sale on the website. All the products and services offered for sale should be in accordance with the laws and policies of the respective user country as well as should not violate any law pertaining to other countries. In no case a user is allowed to offer for sale any product/service which falls within the category of prohibited products/services (See detailed list of prohibited product/services in point 4).
    A guest or a non registered user is not allowed to make any purchases or selling. However a guest can view the products/services offered for sale.
    Registered users:
  • A registered user can make purchases & list their products/services for sale and are free to decide the price (representing fair market value) & no. Of days required to complete the task.
  • Once sold, seller is obliged to deliver the listed product. However buyer or seller may decide to cancel the transaction by providing a valid reason for the same. Once the work is done and delivered or a product is delivered, buyer can proceed and mark the transaction as complete and leave a feedback. If buyer fails to respond after delivery, the transaction will be marked as completed in 72 hours from the time of delivery and funds will be released to seller. In case of dispute, buyer & seller should try to resolve the issue or they can approach support team of spottask.com for seeking resolution.
  • In case of cancellation, buyer will get a refund in his/her spottask.com account which they can use for purchasing another product or services.
  • Any registered user can offer a product/service for sale of an amount greater than or equal to 5 USD.
  • Seller should always submit the complete files or proof of completed work through the “Deliver Completed Work” button.
  • Ratings of seller may vary depending upon the performance, late deliveries made, feedback received etc.
  • Any mutual cancellation request if went unanswered will be accepted automatically after the lapse of 48 hours effecting the unresponsive party.
  • Maintenance of good Communication and behaviour is necessary; any interaction that is illegal, abusive, rude, adult, copyright protected, spam, promotional or violent is strictly prohibited and will result in temporary or permanent blocking of user account.


  1. Payments and withdrawals terms
  • Buyers will always pay for buying product/service in advance, and will be kept on hold till the time of service completion.
  • Upon selling and delivering of each Micro Job, sellers Spottask.com user account will be credited after deducting commission (To know more about the %’s please refer Commission Structure).
  • For withdrawing revenue the seller must have a Valid and Verified Paypal account, if you don’t have then get a free account now https://www.paypal.com/ . Please, make sure Paypal account is working and allowing receipt of money before withdrawing funds from spottask.com
  • Adding a paypal id in the profile is allowed only once and is of permanent nature i.e. it cannot be edited thereafter.
  • Sellers are free to withdraw their revenue directly to their paypal account. (Only after reaching threshold limit which is $50 at present, spottask.com reserves all the rights to increase or decrease the threshold limit with or without notice, however it will always be mentioned in the updated terms of service)
  • Paypal may charge their fee’s for transferring payment from spottask.com to paypal and/or from paypal to your bank account. Spottask.com does not have any control over the paypal fees structure.
  • The withdrawals are permanent and cannot be cancelled or reversed.

  1. License/rights in respect of product/services
  • Sellers are allowed to offer for sale only those products and services which he/she is legal owner of.
  • Sellers should clearly mention the license terms while offering a product/service for sale.
  • Unless otherwise expressed in the description of the product/service listed by the seller, at the time work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights including copyrights but not limited to (Unless license terms are clearly specified by seller in the “Job Description”, while offering the product/service for sale. Then buyer’s right are restricted by the license terms defined by seller).
  • In cases where no license terms are mentioned by the seller, to eradicate doubt, in any customized work, the delivered property will be a sole property of the buyer. The Seller, here, has expressly accepted to transfer the copyright to the buyer in the services. While creating job listing; seller agrees to transfers all rights associated with the deliverable to buyer.
  • The Seller further undertakes that all the information that has been transferred to him for the purpose of making of the Micro Job will be kept secret and will not be used for any purpose other than the making of the customized gig as per the order and of the contact information, after that will not be to be used ever.
  • Registered Users by default, grant spottask all the associated rights over a graphic or video uploaded for the sole purpose of promoting their services on social media or by any other means.

  1. Prohibited products or services
    Spottask.com does not allow listing of the following categories of products or services, both sellers and buyers should avoid engaging in the trade of any of below mentioned categories or subcategories:
  • Blackmailing/Threatening practices are strictly prohibited.
  • Pornography: Creation, distribution, or access materials that are sexually exploit in nature.
  • Cyber Contraband: Transferring illegal items through the internet (such as encryption technology) that is banned in some locations.
  • Money Laundering or Black Marketing: Via electronic transfer of illegally-obtained money with the goal of hiding its source and possibly, its destination.
  • Cyber Terrorism: Premeditated, usually politically-motivated violence committed through the use of, or with the help of, computer technology.
  • Cyber Theft: The use of computer and online tools to steal, which can include activities such as espionage, DNS cache poisoning, embezzlement, tax fraud, identity theft, malicious hacking, phishing, plagiarism, piracy and other fraudulent activities arising from it.
  • Prostitution: Through advertisement or solicitation.
  • Illegal Drugs and Prescription Drugs listings.
  • Computer-based Fraud: that involves falsification of public and legal documents, or altering these information on record or database.
  • Online Gambling: Any gambling service that will require electronic payment or fund transfer.
  • Cyber Vandalism: the intended act of damaging or misusing data, website or network services through malicious codes, viruses, rootkits, trojans, DDoS attack
  • Hacking/Online Theft practices is strictly prohibited
  • Intellectual Property Theft/ Infringement: Stealing and selling of copyrighted and patented materials
  • Black Hat Marketing Practices: Those that violate site terms and conditions for the sake of boosting site traffic, search rankings, social following, social mentions, and customer reviews
  • Weapons: Indulging in buying and selling of Weapons listing is strictly prohibited
  • Animals and animal products trade or service listing is strictly prohibited
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, cigarettes, acid or trade of any harmful substances
  • Biological organs trade or service listing is strictly prohibited
  • Human trafficking trade or service listing is strictly prohibited
  • Racketeering: A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering. Listing of Which is strictly prohibited.
  • Copyrighted media: If you are not the legal owner of copyrighted material then avoid listing (Copyrighted films, mix tapes/cds, audio or music CDs, computer software, video games cd’s, stock images, personal or professional images, paintings, art work or any other copyrighted goods or services or other items as the case may be). The copyrighted owner reserves the full right to file a suit and the provider of service will bear in full the respective consequences with damages if any and spottask.com is not responsible for the consequences and damages.
  • Any other unhealthy or malpractices as the case may be.
    Publishing or promoting of any of these type of Micro Jobs could lead to permanent suspension of your SPOTTASK.COM account.


5. Selling of Digital Products

    Spottask allows you to sell digital products(provided the seller has the ownership and selling rights) and also allows activating instant download option. (Available while creating a Task/Service listing).
    Digital products includes, stock photos, webinars, video tutorials, digital artwork, digital media, such as e-books, downloadable music, internet radio, internet television and streaming media; fonts and graphics; digital subscriptions; online ads space on websites; internet coupons; tickets; online tokens; electronically traded financial instruments; downloadable software (Digital Distribution) and mobile apps; cloud-based applications and online games; virtual goods used within the virtual economies of online games and communities; workbooks; worksheets; membership programs; desktop backgrounds or wallpaper; planners; e-learning (online courses); interviews; blog posts; cards; labels; patterns; prints; clipart; stationery; gift tags; website themes; logos; photos; web graphics; templates.


  1. Transaction settlement outside spottask.com
    Transaction settlement outside the spottask.com is strictly not allowed. Registered user can buy the listed service and proceed for completion of transaction only through spottask.com, contacting any seller and asking for a settlement outside the spottask.com is strictly not allowed.
  • Identities are kept secret / anonymous. To respect user privacy, you are not allowed to post your email address or any other sort of contact information in your job description.
  • All communication including exchange of files and information would take place using the SPOTTASK.COM messaging system.


  1. In case of deliverable products (Cases where shipping is necessary)
    Some of the order requires the delivery of an item through courier or other transportation modes. If such products or services are bought then seller must include the payment for the shipment while service creation and once bought buyer is obligated to pay the shipping cost over and above the basic order price.
  • Incase of product/service that involves the delivery of an item, after ordering buyer must include the shipping address. Once the order and payment has been made, the seller will be responsible for making all the relevant arrangements for the shipping/delivery of the described product including packing cost or insurance charges or handling charges.
  • com will not be responsible for the shipment cost, handling charges, shipping mode, insurance charges, tracking of item, damages or quality of the order.
  • However, seller must include a Courier agencies name & tracking number for buyer’s reference, while adding information for order delivery.


  1. Dispute resolution
  • In case of dispute, money will be cleared and passed on to seller only if the delivered product/service has a ‘value addition’. Spottask.com reserves the right to determine whether the seller’s product/service has contributed to any ‘value addition’ for buyer and the decision of spottask.com will be considered as final.
  • Seller is responsible for scanning all files for malware, spyware or viruses. SPOTTASK.COM in any way will not be responsible for damages that may result from the usage of the site or the files and content transfer.
  • Sellers will only be able to withdraw the available balance in their blocked spottask.com account only after the lapse of 45 to 90 days. The time period may vary depending upon the reason for blocking. Seller will be paid only after clearing off Damages if any.
  • After review of case in dispute, any decision made by SPOTTASK.COM will be considered as final and abiding on the users in dispute.


For further assistance, any user can contact the support team of spottask.com.



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